Revati Puranik

Co-Owner and Global CFO of Houston-based Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM), Rani Puranik, thrives at leading innovation, empowering others and inspiring collaboration.

She directs financial controllership, strategy, investments and enterprise growth for WOM, a privately held, family-owned oil and gas equipment manufacturing firm with more than 3,000 employees operating in six locations around the world. The processes and procedures as well as frameworks for communication and management that she has implemented during the course of 15 years have led the global oil and gas corporation to grow to more than $350 million in annual revenues.

Puranik invests a significant amount of time in India as the Executive Director of the Puranik Foundation, a nonprofit organization that operates a private residential school called the Vision International Learning Center in Pune, India for under-resourced children. The Puranik Foundation, founded by Puranik’s mother, serves as the corporate social responsibility arm of WOM and her daughter Bhakti serves as the Managing Director.

At no cost to the families it serves, K-12 students receive academic instruction, living quarters, meals, uniforms and enrichment training in mindfulness, critical thinking, and leadership. Encompassing 27-acres, the school is fully sustained by using solar, bio gas and water recycling systems to protect and preserve nature. Twice a year, high school and college students as well as teachers, professors and mindfulness practitioners from across the globe are invited to visit the campus to participate in week-long Global Service Leadership Programs. The Puranik Foundation recently collaborated with HISD and is a founding member of HISD Abroad, an initiative that will enable 10 Houston students to participate in the Global Service Leadership program in 2021.

Puranik is an experienced leader driven by her unique and creative spirit she takes pride in providing inspiration in others in all she does. As a Global CFO, she oversees financial operations, formulates international procedures and develops growth strategies for the company. Her contribution to WOM has brought about financial clarity and transparency amongst all of its locations globally. She takes pride in nurturing her teams to think about positive and creative solutions that enhance excellence for themselves and for the company. She believes in people; her golden moment: “When I received the title “Global CFO” and was able to bring all the finance teams together and work with really great people”

Her goals include strategic planning, execution, and leadership. In addition to her primary job functions, Puranik has been recognized by Houston Business Journal- Top leading Women in Energy, and the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater, for her extraordinary commitment.

Her skill set extends beyond the boardroom. From a founder/CEO of a Dance company for 17 years; dancer and choreographer, Master Coach in leadership development, certified yoga instructor, and a classically trained vocalist and musician to a Global CFO, Puranik has experienced a varied assortment of life experiences and lessons. These experiences continue to enriched her life, and she finds herself constantly learning, expanding her awareness and unifying aspects of herself.

Puranik was born in India but raised in the US since she was six weeks old. She grew up spending days at Worldwide Oilfield Machine’s office, which her father started in his home garage, and was founded in 1980 on her birthday. As a small child she and her siblings played in a tree house which sat outside the window of her father’s office. By the time she was 12, her summer vacations were spent in the office, helping her mother in the Accounting Department and in the buzzing workshop. Puranik describes herself as a “worker”, with the mentality of always working to create something better.

When Puranik was 19 years old she returned to India and spent the next 19 years there. While in India she founded ISHA- Integral Search for Harmony through Art. ISHA’s prime focus was on providing a safe platform to discover and mutually respect one’s individuality in relation to the environment, society and one’s core. Revati served as ISHA’s director, principal choreographer, program designer, and mentor. ISHA’s renowned programs include Broadway-style stage productions, personality enrichment, wholesome leadership and life skills, cross cultural exchange, youth camps, stress relief programs, movement therapy, and corporate leadership. Through ISHA, Revati made a positive impact around the globe, amongst children, under resourced and troubled youth, home-makers, college students, and executives. Till this day, she continues to support the Art and Dance community and special projects in both Houston and India. Revati’s indefatigable positive energy and exuberance transcends her deep study, intensive training, and broad experience, to make her- in her own words- a ‘heartist’, and not just an artist.

Puranik received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Pune in India and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Rice University. As a seasoned motivational speaker and certified Master Coach in Leadership Development, Puranik is passionate about mentoring the next generation of leaders. In 2016, Puranik was named one of the Top Leading Women in Energy by the Houston Business Journal and Business Woman of the Year by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston. Outside of her work environment, Puranik is an Indian classical trained vocalist and dancer, and a certified yoga instructor.

As a leader, innovator, philosopher and creative, Puranik has found the strength to reinvent herself in order to overcome challenges in her personal life and in her family’s business. Puranik’s debut book titled “Seven Letters to My Daughters” is slated to launch in 2021.

The businesswoman on a mission wears many hats on any given day but is most proud to be a mother of two grown daughters and two rescued dogs. Puranik enjoys scuba diving, traveling and spending time with family.