Eastern Europe Small Group Trips For Young Adults & Educators

Small-Group Trips To Eastern Europe

Here at the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston, we organize immersive Eastern European small group trips providing opportunities you just cannot get anywhere else. We organize embassy visits, for instance, with insider tours for students, teachers, and other intellectuals. Go beyond the typical tourist traps as you really get to experience these amazing countries in a deeper way. You can expand your knowledge base, find true cultural connection and return home with the feeling that you really broaden your horizons.

The Goal of Educational Travel:

If you’re considering our group trips to Eastern Europe for young adults, educators and global citizens you should know a few of the goals we have, which include:


Keeping the groups small, with a typical size between 10 and 20 people


Upholding our tradition of intellectual exploration


Selecting locations not only for their natural beauty but for their geopolitical interest


Offering a memorable and educational experience that can shape a person’s mindset


Providing opportunities you could not get if you traveled to the same location yourself

We believe in the value of travel, of crossing borders and of meeting new people. Our Eastern European small group trips give young people a chance to learn, mature and grow in a setting they will never forget.

2020 Events

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Eastern Europe Trips For Young Adults

After all, that type of engaging, life-long learning is what we’re interested in at the Council, and it goes beyond the group trips to Eastern Europe for young adults. We do it with our speaking engagements, evening events, trivia nights, luncheons and much more. We continue to provide a place for those who are deep thinkers and endless learners, a place where knowledge is truly prized and unique opportunities help connect adults and young people with the global culture in a new way.


Please reach out with any questions you have about traveling with WAC Houston! Call now or fill out the form and we will respond with more information.



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