Colombian Coffee Tasting Experience for GYPs

Colombian Coffee Tasting Experience for GYPs

July 25, 2024 @ 06:30 PM to July 25, 2024 @ - 09:00 PM
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In July we are traveling to Colombia for our Culinary Passport series.
Our Culinary Passport series explores the histories, traditions and cultures of different cultures around the world.

¡Bienvenidos, al Encanto! Join us for an exclusive evening of exploring the rich and diverse flavors of Colombian coffee. This guided tasting event is designed for coffee enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike.

Since the early 18th century, Colombia has held a special relationship with coffee. The ideal climate and fertile soil in Colombia’s mountainous regions created perfect conditions for coffee cultivation.

Today, coffee is one of Colombia’s most important agricultural products and exports. Colombian coffee is grown primarily in the “Coffee Triangle,” a region known for its ideal growing conditions, including high altitudes, consistent rainfall, and rich volcanic soil.

Coffee cultivation supports the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of farmers and their families. It is also deeply woven into the cultural fabric of the country, symbolizing Colombian hospitality, tradition, and pride. The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, established in 1927, has played a crucial role in promoting Colombian coffee worldwide and ensuring the welfare of coffee farmers.

What to Expect:
Coming directly from Arte y pasión Café: Escuela de Baristas, the owners of CafeTales will guide us through an exclusive tasting process that includes four different types of coffee all from different regions of Colombia.

Ticket Includes:
Four different types of coffee
– Campesino
– Latte
– Cold Brew
– Big Drip
Beef Empanada
Chicken Empanada
Cheese and Guava Dessert

The Coffee Experts:
Juan Carlos Guzmán Rojas is a professional in government and international relations from the Universidad Externado of Colombia, with a specialization in public management from the Escuela Superior de Administración Pública (ESAP) of Colombia. He worked in the public sector for eight years. Additionally, he has completed courses in Barismo I (2021) and Barismo II (2022) in Arte y Pasión Café in Colombia.

Lizeth Usuga Sánchez is a professional in International Relations from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. She worked in the public sector for three years. Additionally she has completed courses in Barismo (2021) and Barismo II ( 2022) in Arte y Pasion Café in Colombia.
Having both previously held careers in the public sector in Colombia, they have always shared a profound love for coffee. Coffee, they believe, is a central part of our lives, and the two have spent considerable time studying its intricacies. Their journey from Colombia to the United States is driven by this shared passion. They founded Cafetales Specialty Coffee in 2022, and after a year and a half, they opened their Store in February of 2024.

Café Tales offers an exceptional coffee experience celebrating the diversity of Colombian coffee. With carefully selected beans, expertly crafted drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere, we take customers on a sensory journey through our homeland. We provide consultancies, sensory experiences, and retail options, fostering community in the Texas coffee sector. Join us to create memorable moments, celebrate events and share the magic of Colombian coffee.

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July 25, 2024 @ 06:30 PM to July 25, 2024 @ - 09:00 PM


CafeTales, 11195 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

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