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Former Congressman & CIA Officer Will Hurd – American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide to Getting Big Things Done

April 13, 2022 @ 06:00 PM to April 13, 2022 @ - 08:00 PM
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Wine reception at 6:00 pm.
From former Republican Congressman and CIA Officer Will Hurd, a bold political playbook for America rooted in the timeless ideals of bipartisanship, inclusivity, and democratic values. It’s getting harder to get big things done in America. The gears of our democracy have been mucked up by political nonsense. To meet the era-defining challenges of the 21st century, our country needs a reboot.
In ‘American Reboot’, Hurd, called “the future of the GOP” by Politico, provides a clear-eyed path forward for America grounded by what Hurd calls pragmatic idealism—a concept forged from enduring American values to achieve what is actually achievable.
Hurd takes on five seismic problems facing a country in crisis: the Republican Party’s failure to present a principled vision for the future; the lack of honest leadership in Washington, DC; income inequality that threatens the livelihood of millions of Americans; US economic and military dominance that is no longer guaranteed; and how technological change in the next thirty years will make the advancements of the last thirty years look trivial.
Hurd has seen these challenges up close. A child of interracial parents in South Texas, Hurd survived the back alleys of dangerous places as a CIA officer. He carried that experience into three terms in Congress, where he was, for a time, the House’s only Black Republican, representing a 71 percent Latino swing district in Texas that runs along 820 miles of US-Mexico border. As a cyber security executive and innovation crusader, Hurd has worked with entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of technology to anticipate the shockwaves of the future.
Hurd draws on his remarkable experience to present an inspiring guide for America. He outlines how the Republican party can look like America by appealing to the middle, not the edges. He maps out how leaders should inspire rather than fearmonger. He forges a domestic policy based on the idea that prosperity should be a product of empowering people, not the government. He articulates a foreign policy where our enemies fear us and our friends love us. And lastly, he charts a forceful path forward for America’s technological future.
We all know we can do better. It’s time to hit “ctrl alt del” and start the American Reboot.
About the Speaker: Will Hurd is a former member of Congress, cybersecurity executive, and officer in the CIA. For two decades he’s been involved in the most pressing national security issues challenging the country whether it was overseas in dangerous places, boardrooms of international businesses or the halls of Congress. Will is a native of San Antonio and graduate of Texas A&M University. He is a trustee of the German Marshall Fund, board member of OpenAI, and managing director at Allen & Company. Find out more at
Copies of Rep. Will Hurd’s new book ‘American Reboot‘ will be available for purchase and signing.

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April 13, 2022 @ 06:00 PM to April 13, 2022 @ - 08:00 PM

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April 13, 2022

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