Middle East Small Group Trips for Young Adults & Educators

The World Affairs Council of Greater Houston is proud to be your premier destination for Middle East group travel. If you’re looking for an exceptional, explorative travel opportunity, we have what you’re seeking. Our focus is on providing global explorers opportunities to travel with like-minded people, offering experiences that go deeper than the normal tourist fare.

Guided Tours in the Middle East Await You

Our Middle East group travel opportunities closely align with our mission of opening minds and broadening the cultural horizons of everyone who comes through our doorways. We believe that direct exposure to different ways of life and ideas can help people see the world in a new way. We put people in direct touch with some of the world’s foremost artists, thinkers and leaders.

Our Middle East travel group for young adults provides an unparalleled opportunity for students and other young people to experience the world at large. With our Educational trips to the Middle East, designed with young adults, educators and global citizens in mind, you get:


Insider tours


Unique experiences most tourists don’t dream of


Incredible food and accommodations


Chances to make friends and connections


Opportunities to explore first-hand through places you’ve only read about before

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Our trips to the Middle East and elsewhere are designed to give you a much deeper understanding of the world in which we live and the people who dwell here.

2020 Events

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Explore And Learn With Us In The Middle East

Are you interested in learning more about the World Affairs Council or our Middle East travel group for young adults? Call 713-522-7811 to find out about the programs we offer and discuss our membership options. We look forward to getting to know you.

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