The Woodlands Series

 At the World Affairs Council of Great Houston, our mission is to broaden minds and expand the worldview of everyone who comes through our doors. Our expert-led lectures in The Woodlands are all part of the program, along with film screenings, networking events, panel discussions and more. As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, The Woodlands education events are designed to offer an inclusive environment where people from all walks of life can expand their horizons.

Global Awareness Programs Designed to Broaden Perspectives

Today’s global leaders face challenges in many areas. Lectures in The Woodlands feature many prominent government officials and civic leaders, renowned writers and artists and a multitude of academic professionals. Seminars in The Woodlands focus on topics of international significance, including:

  • Foreign policy
  • World cultures
  • Global health concerns
  • Scientific advances
  • Technological developments
  • Human rights concerns

Our primary goal is to provide space where people can continue to learn about the world and participate in an open dialogue with others. We believe in fostering an environment that encourages ongoing learning, developmental experiences and a constant dialogue among diverse groups of people. Educational and social growth is the product of these kinds of opportunities.
In addition to seminars in The Woodlands, the Council offers the ability to participate in speaking engagements, insider tours and embassy visits. We also organize small group travel events that allow you to explore unique locations of significant geopolitical interest in a way that goes well beyond the traditional tourist trip.

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Please contact us today to learn more about membership options and additional programs through the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston. There’s a whole world out there, waiting on you to get involved — and we can help you get started. Whether you’re looking for ongoing educational programs as a teacher or simply want to explore the world at large, we’re here to help you.



Basmah Ghauri

Director of International Programs