Southern Europe Small Group Trips for Young Adults & Educators

Southern European Travel Groups

At the World Affairs Council (WAC), we’re proud to provide exclusive educational opportunities concerning international affairs and culture in Houston and abroad. We have many fascinating lectures and panel discussions in Houston, but we are equally known for our bespoke southern European small group trips. We welcome you to be a part of an intimate experience far beyond ordinary tourism.

Benefits of Small Group Travel

Benefits of these trips include:


Exclusive learning opportunities.


Bonding experiences that create lifelong friendships.


Familiar faces at WAC networking events back in Houston.


Important knowledge for building businesses abroad.


Contacts helpful for employment abroad.

Engage the World Through Our Educational Travel Programs to Southern Europe

We’ve organized and executed countless successful and enriching group trips to Southern Europe for young adults, educators and global citizens and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Small group travel guided by experts with deep, local knowledge provides the opportunity to see and understand a destination in a unique way.

2020 Events

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Our History

The World Affairs Council in Houston has provided programs since 1969. The WAC is a member of the larger World Affairs Councils of America, which was created for the dissemination of knowledge on international affairs. Our national network was founded on the premise that such knowledge was increasingly important after World War II.

Our world is more interconnected than ever and, as such, part of our mission is to enhance knowledge of other countries with our thoughtfully designed group trips to Southern Europe for young adults. As a group member, you’ll meet some of these international contacts in person during lectures and our educational Southern Europe tours.


Please reach out with any questions you have about traveling with WAC Houston! Call now or fill out the form and we will respond with more information.



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