Western Europe Small Group Trips for Young Adults & Educators

Western European Travel Groups

At the World Affairs Council (WAC) our western European small group trips are designed for global citizens to experience a destination in a way that’s not possible for most travelers. As a group member, you’ll have access to lectures and Q&A sessions with locals providing fascinating insider knowledge. Our educational travel programs to Western Europe also provide the opportunity to create lasting friendships with like-minded individuals.

Benefits of WAC Group Travel

Our goal is to provide an unforgettable connection with each region that will enhance the perspective on its culture and denizens. We accomplish this through:


Cultural exchange


High-level meetings with elected leaders


Special dinners


Locals-driven tours of markets


Exploration guided by regional experts


Private viewings

Who Are We?

The World Affairs Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization bringing people together for lectures, networking events and other educational opportunities to exchange ideas and dialogue on international affairs, world and culture. That mission takes place via educational Western Europe tours… but it also happens, right here, in the Houston area.

Some of our members and guests take global education one step further by participating in our incredibly enriching western European small group trips. These tours offer access to exclusive tours of government buildings and sites that are guided by experts with a local perspective.

2020 Events

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WAC Offers Western European Tours

The World Affairs Council offers one-of-a-kind destinations for groups of 10-20 people resulting in an intimate and rewarding experience. Our group trips to Western Europe for young adults, educators and global citizens will inspire your travels for years to come!


Please reach out with any questions you have about traveling with WAC Houston! Call now or fill out the form and we will respond with more information.



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