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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & UAE

This young country has both a rich history as the birthplace of Islam and a modern presence with rich oil reserves. With the introduction of Vision 2030, an attempt to diversify its economy, this once forbidden land is ready to welcome visitors.

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Budapest Leadership Summit

Hungary TX

A landlocked and isolated country, Hungarians have had to look internally for their cultural influences. Unlike many other nations in the Carpathian Basin, Hungary has retained a separate political identity even through the rule of turbulent empires, making it the perfect headquarters for our Inaugural Leadership Summit to Magyarország, “Land of Magyars.”

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The Balkans – Serbia, Bosnia & Kosovo


One of the most intriguing regions on earth, the Balkans has a rich history from the Ottomans to recent political upheavals. The ethnic diversity of this region sets the stage for a rich culture with many influences defining Europe’s Southeastern corner.

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Iceland – Icelandic Summer and the Midnight Sun


Iceland, a nation defined by dramatic landscape, is home to some of the most unique geographic phenomena on the planet. With warm and lush summers there are never-ending adventures to be found in this intriguing island nation.

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Brazil & Amazon Jungle

The fifth-largest country on earth, Brazil is unique in the Americas because it refrained from fragmenting

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