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Iceland – Icelandic Summer and the Midnight Sun


Iceland, a nation defined by dramatic landscape, is home to some of the most unique geographic phenomena on the planet. With warm and lush summers there are never-ending adventures to be found in this intriguing island nation.

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Brazil & Amazon Jungle

The fifth-largest country on earth, Brazil is unique in the Americas because it refrained from fragmenting

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Malawi Safari

Malawi TX

Malawi in the local dialect simply means “flames of fire“. This refers to the stunning sunsets wherever you go — over the dazzling freshwater lake, in the backdrop of the hills of Dedza or the beaches of Lake Malawi.

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Nepal & Bhutan + Tibet Extension

After centuries of isolation, Nepal and Bhutan are gold mines for curious travelers searching for a new horizon. Although small, these countries tucked away at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains play an influential role on the international stage due to their strategic location between India and China.

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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & UAE

This young country has both a rich history as the birthplace of Islam and a modern presence with rich oil reserves. With the introduction of Vision 2030, an attempt to diversify its economy, this once forbidden land is ready to welcome visitors.

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The Balkans – Serbia, Bosnia & Kosovo


One of the most intriguing regions on earth, the Balkans has a rich history from the Ottomans to recent political upheavals. The ethnic diversity of this region sets the stage for a rich culture with many influences defining Europe’s Southeastern corner.

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Budapest Leadership Summit

Hungary TX

A landlocked and isolated country, Hungarians have had to look internally for their cultural influences. Unlike many other nations in the Carpathian Basin, Hungary has retained a separate political identity even through the rule of turbulent empires, making it the perfect headquarters for our Inaugural Leadership Summit to Magyarország, “Land of Magyars.”

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