A Global Perspective from The Woodlands.

May 18, 2020

Submitted By: John Breed, Communications Manager at Apergy

In coordinating our partnership with the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston, I have seen firsthand the value this wonderful group creates. Through our monthly Woodlands Speakers Series we have been able to promote understanding of the world – its people, politics, economies and cultures – and enable the community to participate more effectively in the global world. Importantly, Student World Affairs Council attendance exposes the next generation of leaders to globally-recognized experts with diverse viewpoints and experiences.

The work of the WAC also underscores the importance of intelligent and informed conversation to the health of our culture.

Rather than taking this right for granted, the dialogues generated through the Woodlands Series reinforce our responsibility as informed citizens to understand and become involved in the issues we face. Working with the WAC is another great example of Apergy’s continuing efforts to improve the lives of those in the communities where we live and work.

Farah Pandith Woodlands