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Engaging Travel Programs

Small group travel that explores destinations chosen for their geopolitical interest, offering in-depth insight and exclusive experiences.

We focus on organizing unforgettable journeys to one-of-a-kind destinations for small groups of 10 to 20 travelers. Travelers are guided from the beginning to the end of the experience to ensure safety, knowledge, cultural exchange and entertainment, giving them an opportunity to connect with their surroundings and with one another.

Featured photos from Qatar and Oman 2019 and Poland 2018.

Why Travel with WAC?

Our trips are designed to provide travelers with a five-star experience. Beginning with the finest accommodations, we take travelers to well-known restaurants and local markets where they can savor regional cuisine and connect with locals.
“it was a glorious trip! The itinerary was fantastic as was our guide and driver. Through their expertise and guidance, we were able to experience India and her diversity and importance in our world. For this trip of a life-time, having such a small group was so much more intimate.”
-India Traveler 2019
Featured photo from Qatar 2019

Exclusive Itineraries

Our primary mission is to connect travelers politically and culturally with each region. We accomplish this through a combination of cultural exchange, high-level meetings with heads of state, government building tours, private viewings, special dinners and exploration of historical sites guided by experts.

Travelers met with Qatar’s Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency Sheikh Meshal Bin Hamad Al-Thani at the State of Qatar’s Washington. D.C. embassy in November 2018.

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Unforgettable and Enriching Travels

These international travel groups in Houston consist of 10-20 travelers. Highly knowledgeable members of the WAC guide group members through the entire experience. Safety and consideration for the group members is of paramount importance during our fascinating journeys to destinations across the globe.

This is an opportunity to see a country and meet some of its important and respected representatives. You’ll experience international travel in a unique way not accessible to almost anyone else. The relatively small group size enhances the intimacy of this bespoke itinerary.

Why Travel with The World Affairs Council?

As a nonpartisan, nonprofit internationally-minded organization, the World Affairs Council is always conscientious and mindful of all manner of important international news and information. This knowledge informs our destinations and itineraries. The World Affairs Council has organized many international group trips in the past and believes strongly that seeing and experiencing a country and culture firsthand is vital to developing a global perspective. Here are some areas that we offer global adventure travel programs:

The World Affairs Council organizes meetings and Q&A sessions with high-level political figures and experts in different fields. These are thoughtfully organized as part of our international travel programs for educators.

Please contact us at 713-522-7811 if you’d like more detailed information.