Past Trips & Reviews

Vibrant Cultures – Diverse Perspectives – Meaningful Experiences

Saudi Arabia 2022

“The Kingdom has been an *overwhelming* experience – from the history (Old Jeddah, the National Museum, Masmak, Well #7) to the prosperity of the buildings (sky bridge, twister, Princess Noura University)…all with the backdrop of the strong faith drawing pilgrims all over the world to Mecca and Medina. Yet, it has also been *humbling* as we have met such kind and accomplished people – from the family in the cafe, the former Saudi Ambassador and his family, the Chamber’s Women’s Council, the Minister of Trade, the artists at the Gallery, and even the Princess Noura & Embassy leadership. Not what I was mentally prepared to experience. This has been one of the *best experiences* of my life.”

Saudi Arabia Traveler

 Egypt 2022

“It was a wonderful trip! Great itinerary, excellent guide (depth of knowledge and super sense of humor), and compatible travelers.”

Egypt Traveler


 Greece 2021

“The culture, history and mythology were fascinating! There was so much to see and understand in Crete and appreciated seeing different areas of the island! Enjoyed the mainland tour also.”

-L.D. & K.O., Greece 2021


Bulgaria & Romania 2019

“Knew very little of two countries and it was wonderful learning some of the history. Also, both are beautiful countries and it was a pleasure to drive and see the countryside.”

– Bulgaria and Romania Traveler

India 2019

“It was a glorious trip! The itinerary was fantastic as was our guide and driver. Through their expertise and guidance, we were able to experience India and her diversity and importance in our world. For this trip of a life-time, having such a small group was so much more intimate.”
– India Traveler

Qatar & Oman 2019

“There were many favorite parts, too hard to name just one!”
– Qatar & Oman Traveler

Ethiopia 2019

Trip Highlights: St. George’s Cathedral in Addis Ababa; Stelae Park in Axum; Timkat ceremonies and rock-hewn churches in Lalibela; Castles of Gondar; Blue Nile Falls

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia 2018

Trip Highlights: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum; “Hanoi Hilton;” “Saigon;” Mekong Delta Cruise; Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park; Pak Ou Caves; Wat Visoun; “Kompong Phluk Fishing Village; Angkor Wat, Banteay Srey Temple

Belarus, Poland & Kaliningrad (Russia) 2018

“So many positive surprises in old Soviet era countries, excellent history education of WWII from the Eastern European perspective. Knew little about pre trip, the gourmet restaurants in Poland! …you had to be there!!!!”
– Belarus, Poland & Kaliningrad (Russia) Traveler

Washington, D.C. 2018

“Great itinerary. Good meetings. Good restaurants. Great WAC staff member leading tour.”
– Washington, D.C. Traveler

Israel 2018

“Having the additional meetings with local dignitaries greatly enhanced the cultural exchange and educational value of the entire experience.”
– Israel Traveler

“Excellent. Methodically planned as each day built on what we did the day before. Excellent tour guide and driver! Saeed and John were great.”
– Israel Traveler