Conversations with a Conscience, Dr. Alan Steinberg

Apr 30, 2021

-Terre Camille

Alan Steinberg is an individual devoted in his belief of civic engagement. In addition to a long list of committees and councils Steinberg currently serves, he is also responsible for increasing the quality of life experience for the inhabitants of Greater West Houston. Today, Steinberg is hosting a webinar session that will increase civic engagement, more specifically he will “identify ways that participating in your community complement[s] your life.” He does this by detailing four points, Occupation, Interests, Values, and Purpose and draws connections on how we can use each category together to begin your career in Civic Engagement. To watch the full video and see what this amazing public speaker has to say about increasing your presence and purpose in the community then click the link below. Conversation with a Conscience with Alan Steinberg

Becoming active in your community can be a very rewarding experience if done correctly. Steinberg tells us about four points that help people become involved in civic duties and how being civically engaged can look good towards employers. The first point in the process is occupation, this is simply what you currently do for work, whether that be a full/part-time student or having a full/part-time job. Following occupation, we have Interests and that can be anything you like such as sports, a hobby, maybe you like to read or play video games. After compiling a list of interests, Steinberg encourages us to begin looking at organizations that may align with those interests so that you can volunteer for organizations you already hold a passion for. The next step in the process is to write down all your values, examples given by Steinberg were professional development, personal growth, education or perhaps volunteering. The last step in the process is purpose, “what do you want to be remembered for when you die”? When done correctly you’ll be able to bridge your values and purpose with volunteer opportunities that coincide with your occupation and interests. Steinberg has even provided a web portal called Volunteer Houston where you can create your own profile and include the four points mentioned earlier that will help you identify volunteer opportunities specifically tailored for an individual.