International Affairs and World Affairs Council of Greater Houston

Sep 2, 2021

– Cady Mulkey


What is International Affairs?

International affairs is the study of interactions among sovereign states and the impact of these interactions on global politics, culture, and economics. These interactions help to seek and understand the way nations interact by learning to communicate with an international community and ultimately gaining the passion for making the world better for other people.

Reasons to study International Affairs:

In learning about this discipline, you will gain significant insight into issues and events that are happening around the world with the impact of politics, culture, history, anthropology and sociology, statistics, economics.

One example is the considerable impact that COVID-19 has had around the world. This global issue has impacted all of us and has changed vital aspects of our lives. The devastation has caused varied problems worldwide depending upon the responsiveness of governments and the economic factors. But at the same time this crisis has been deeply personal for each of us. This is but one example of why the study of international affairs is so important. In our global culture, seeking knowledge of international relations is essential.

World Affairs Council and International Affairs:

The World Affairs Council of Greater Houston works within and across these disciplines in a unique way to promote understanding of the world through its people, politics, economies, and culture. To promote awareness, the organization seeks to bridge the gap between local and global neighbors by providing various opportunities to explore and learn about global issues. It offers renowned speakers with abundant experience in various international problems and promotes events, seminars, and more to expand global awareness. To name a few, we have Former Under Secretary of Defense Robert Work, HRH Princess Reema, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States, Admiral James Stavridis, Former Supreme Allied Commander NATO, Mary McCord, Former Assistant Attorney General of the United States, John Boehner, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, Chelsea Clinton, Global Health, Ben Rhodes, Former Chief Speechwriter for President Obama & Deputy National Security Advisor, Evan Osnos, The New Yorker & Best-selling Author.

For our upcoming events, we have topics on Al Qaeda & ISIS, the Fall of Afghanistan, China Relations, U.S. Grand Strategy, The View from Central Europe with the Ambassadors of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia and many more coming up.

To educate people on International Affairs we have The Global Affairs & U.S. Foreign Policy Institute that provides a general overview of how the world’s current geopolitical order. Join us for our sessions here:

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