Caribbean Small Group Trips for Young Adults & Educators

Educational Small Group Trips To The Caribbean

With the Caribbean small group trips we offer here at the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston, you get a unique experience that you’ll never find through a travel agent. While we do believe in the value of travel for its own sake, we want to take it one step further. Our trips focus on education, society, politics and endless learning. We work hard to create an immersive experience that gives you opportunities to visit historical sites, explore remote locations and really delve into places with significant geopolitical interest.

What The Trip Looks Like

Our educational travel programs to the Caribbean provide you with a more intimate learning experience. The group will be small, with just 10 to 20 people. Everyone will have ample opportunities to explore, learn, connect and grow. You will also get:


Insider tours


Unique experiences most tourists don’t dream of


Incredible food and accommodations


Chances to make friends and connections


Opportunities to explore first-hand through places you’ve only read about before

Educational Trips For Young People To The Caribbean

You will have fun on these group trips to the Caribbean for young adults, but you’ll also learn and grow at every stage. That’s why these Caribbean small group trips often change lives, and yours could be the next.

2020 Events

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Explore And Learn With Us In The Caribbean

This is a learning opportunity as much as a travel opportunity. Those who come back from Caribbean small group trips feel like they see the world in a new way. They understand more about other people, other cultures and other experiences. They’re more independent. They’re excited about learning. They’re passionate about what the world offers. If that’s the type of experience you want, then our group trips to the Caribbean for young adults, educators and global citizens are perfect for you.


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