South American Small Group Trips For Young Adults & Educators

Experience South America In A New Way

If you’re interested in life-changing South American group trips for young adults, educators and global citizens look no further than the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston. A center dedicated to education, learning, discussion, and global perspectives, travel is one of the most important things that we do. We know that crossing borders promotes a type of immersive learning you cannot get at home, and we seek to create unique and yet affordable opportunities for international group trips to South America.

The Benefit To Young People:

Some of the things we focus on with our educational group travel to South America include:


Going beyond typical tourism opportunities so that people can really connect with these beautiful countries


Exploring historical sites and places with tremendous importance to modern society


Providing excellent food and lodging

Though the Council as a whole is open to the public and embraces life-long learners of all ages, we are especially passionate about the gift that travel opportunities offer young adults. These are formative years and we know firsthand how travel can transform their lives. They’ll learn more about the world than they ever imagined, developing a worldview informed by firsthand experiences and encounters as they explore new cultures and ways of life.

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South American Group Trips

These international group trips to South America are more than your standard travel opportunities. Think of them as advanced learning opportunities. It’s one thing to read about a country’s history and politics; it’s quite another to stand in the place where these significant events took place and meet people who have lived their entire lives there. The South American group trips for young adults are a great way to expand the mind and broaden one’s horizons.

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We would love to tell you more about our educational South American travel group options. Just call us at 713-522-7811.

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