Special Events & Programs

The World Affairs Council offers a unique opportunity to take part in special events in Houston that focus on promoting a better understanding of the world. Our events cover subject matters across the spectrum, including current geopolitical changes, specific cultural themes and economic policies in other countries.

Although the World Affairs Council is known for creating educational opportunities abroad, we have many special events for educators and global citizens that take place right here in Houston. You don’t have to leave your city, or even the country, to gain a global perspective. We hope you’ll take advantage of the esteemed speakers we attract on a regular basis and broaden your horizons with people who share your aspirations and interests.

Houston International Special Events: Esteemed Speakers

What kinds of speakers do we have at our special events in Houston? We invite renowned scientists, high-ranking political figures, human rights activists and technology experts to speak at our events, offering their expertise and perspectives on today’s leading issues. Context is key, and we believe hearing from the source on what matters to you at one of our events or lectures will make all the difference in becoming an engaged and active global citizen.

As an added bonus, you’ll meet other members of the World Affairs Council. This is a valuable networking opportunity that is enrichening and rewarding as you get to grow alongside one another. Many of our members are leaders in their respective organizations, active in serving our community and constantly seek to broaden their horizons and networks. As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, the Council promotes a lively, diverse and respectful environment for the free-flowing exchange of ideas. Additionally, our special events for educators cater specifically to teachers looking to bolster their knowledge.

Membership Benefits

When you become a member of the World Affairs Council, you’ll enjoy many benefits:

  • Admission to all general programs at a reduced rate, including some for free
  • Access to innovative thought leaders.
  • Networking with those that have an avid interest in world affairs.
  • Subscription savings on leading publications, including: Foreign Affairs, The New Yorker, Harper’s, Brooking’s and World Policy Journal

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of being a member and upcoming world speaker events in Houston, please contact us today at 713-522-7811.